Autumn Ripens

I am constantly reminded that life is precious and such an incredible gift. I live in the middle of a forested pharmacopeia. There are plant allies for everyone. As September welcomes October, the crisp air comes and the leaves change to a golden hue, and their honey scented papery bodies become the paths I walk on so regularly. I feel my attention detracting from the social excitement that Summer can offer. My body is ready for the solitude of the wet woods and the comfort of sitting by wood stove, stripping Mugwort from it's stalk, and drinking a hot cup of tea.

Elbow Lake under the waxing moon

This time of year, berries, barks, roots, and fungi are potent and abundant in this lush part of the world. The other day, I visited a magical grove of Hawthorn trees. I had never seen so many Hawthorns together at once -- it felt like a huge reunion, and every tree offered something a little different. As I filled my belly with these little red berried, I felt lifted and carried with so much comfort and love. I started singing and laughing and twirling around these trees as the last drops of light retired for the evening. Before it got too hard to see where my feet were moving, I scampered off to my cozy abode to process the berries I had just picked. Hawthorn is an incredible heart tonic and circulatory aid. Hawthorn can be very helpful to those with high blood pressure and anxiety. She has been known to lighten the heart, warding off negativity and welcoming love and compassion. I believe this is so true! There are so many ways Hawthorn can be in your life -- in tea, tincture, oxymel, vinegar, ketchup, powdered, or however else your creative mind would like. There is so much fascinating ancient information and tales about Hawthorn and her gifts -- let me know if you would like to learn more!

Thanks for reading! This is my first blog post and plan to start a series focusing on individual plants with personal experiences and well as traditional knowledge. Stay tuned!

With so much love,




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